New Coffee

New Coffee

Even when it is a coffee you’ve roasted before, coffee from the same country, same region, same farm, same variety and same altitude, it’s never really the same exactly. Coffee is an agricultural product, after all, and just as the same person cannot cross the same river twice because both the person and the river have changed, you never really get to roast the same coffee twice. Coffee is always new and the coffee you find below is the newest of the always new.
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  2. Grapefruit, cola, strawberry
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  3. Lemon, stewed apple, stone fruit, sesame
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  4. Lemon, black tea, toffee apple
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  5. Blackcurrant, orange marmalade, caramel, lemon, tea
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  6. Lemon, black tea, malt, nutty
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  7. Strawberry milkshake, floral, citrus, stone fruits, black tea
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