These are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) that apply to the Ofi Scratchcard Promotion (“Promotion”). By entering the Promotion, each participant agrees to these Terms and confirms they have read and understood our Privacy Notice at . Please see in particular how we limit our liability in Section 13 below. Void where prohibited.


1.          Promoter: Covoya Limited, a company registered in England (company no. 06955104) with its registered office address at The Adelphi Level 5, 1-11 John Adam Street, London, England, WC2N 6HT (“Promoter”). 


2.          Eligibility: Entry is open to attendees at World of Coffee, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 25th – 27th June 2024 (“Event”), who are at least 18 years old and the age of majority in their own country of residence. The Promotion is not open to staff of Promoter or Promoter’s group companies, agencies or representatives or anyone else professionally involved or associated with the Promotion (or any of their immediate families and households). The Promotion is not open to any person who is subject to financial or other governmental sanctions or who appears on any sanctions list, including the UK Sanctions List available at Promoter reserves the right to require proof of eligibility in such form as Promoter reasonably considers necessary.


3.          How to participate: Collect a promotional scratchcard (“Scratchcard”) at the Event. Scratch off the panels on the Scratchcard to reveal three (3) matching symbols. The winning Scratchcard reveals three (3) matching Covoya logo symbols (see Section 5). All non-winning Scratchcards will entitle the holder to a Gift, as indicated by the three (3) matching symbols on the Scratchcard (see Section 6). The Prize winner and Gift recipients must complete the online form (accessible by scanning the QR code on the Scratchcard) before claiming the Prize or Gift. The Prize must be claimed in accordance with Section 8. Gifts must be claimed in accordance with Section 9.


4.          Availability of Scratchcards: Scratchcards will be distributed randomly to Event attendees. There will be a total of 500  Scratchcards available at the Event. Scratchcards are subject to availability and stocks may run out before the end of the Event. There is a limit of one (1) Scratchcard and one (1) Prize/Gift per person. 


5.          Prize: There is one (1) winning Scratchcard, which features three (3) matching Covoya logo symbols. There is one (1) prize to be won in this Promotion, consisting of an ’Origin’ trip to Colombia for the winner (no guest), to include return economy class flights to Bogota Colombia,  minimum 6 nights’ accommodation at a 4 star hotel (double room, full board basis), airport-hotel transfers and attendance at the Promoter’s GROW EVENT (“Prize”). The following terms and conditions apply to the Prize:


(i)             Outbound travel will be on or around 9th September 2024 and return travel will be on or around 14th September 2024 No alternative dates are available. The winner is solely responsible for ensuring that they can travel at the appointed times on the relevant dates and for having a valid passport and any required visa or other travel documents;


(ii)            All travel bookings must be made by Promoter or its appointed agent and are subject to flight and hotel availability.  The choice of airports, flights, hotels and other Prize elements will be at the sole discretion of Promoter;


(iii)           The Prize excludes all costs and expenses incurred by the winner that are not expressly set out above, including: (a) additional transportation, including ground transport outside Colombia; (b) travel upgrades; (c) additional overnight accommodation; (d) additional meals and beverages; (e) travel and medical insurance, visas and any other required travel documents; (f) COVID-19 or other health-related testing, screening, immunisation and quarantine costs (if applicable); (g) excess baggage charges; (h) discretionary spending; (i) hotel room service, in-room charges and other incidentals (phone, mini-bar, laundry, etc); and (j) tips and gratuities;


(iv)           All elements of the Prize must be used in the same itinerary. The winner is not entitled to receive any unused portion or element of the Prize;


(v)            Once issued, travel tickets are non-transferable and may not be reissued;


(vi)           The winner will be asked for a credit card on check in at the hotel to cover any extras and therefore must be able to provide one and cover these costs;


(vii)          All travel is subject to any and all governmental and other official travel restrictions; 


(viii)        Promoter is not responsible for any COVID-19 or other health-related travel testing or restrictions applicable to the winner, including any quarantine or isolation-related costs or conditions. The winner is solely responsible for ensuring that they adhere to all applicable COVID-19 or other health-related laws, rules, procedures and protocols relating to the Prize; and


(ix)           The Prize is subject to all applicable terms and conditions and policies of the relevant airport, carrier, hotel provider and event operators. The winner must comply fully with such terms and conditions and policies and all laws and regulations applicable to the Prize. Promoter will have no liability to the winner if the winner is unable to receive the full benefit of the Prize or is denied entry to, or asked to leave, any venue, event or transport service as a result of a failure to abide by the applicable terms and conditions, policies, any applicable law or as a result of inappropriate behaviour.


6.          Gifts: There are 499 Gifts to be claimed in this Promotion, as follows:

Miir 12oz Coffee Canister Kettle


Cupping Spoons Cup 19
T-Shirt Rake 20
Tote Bag Latte art 20
Sock Pair Spoon 35
Wall Poster Coffee cherry 70
Sticker Coffee beans 150
Bottle Opener Keyring Bag 180

7.          Prize/Gift substitution: The Prize and Gifts are non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and no cash alternative is available. However, if it becomes necessary for reasons beyond Promoter’s reasonable control, the Prize and/or any Gift may be varied or swapped for a suitable alternative at Promoter’s sole discretion. 


8.          Claiming the Prize: The winner must claim the Prize within 14 (fourteen) days of the end of the Event. The winner may claim the Prize at the Event by contacting a Promoter representative at the Covoya Stand (CH-017) during Event opening hours. Alternatively, the winner may contact Promoter within 14 (fourteen) days after the Event by email at or by telephone on +44 151 498 6500. To claim the Prize, the winner must have completed the online form (accessible by scanning the QR code on the Scratchcard). [DP9] The winner must provide all information requested by Promoter to validate the winner’s Prize claim, including satisfactory evidence of the winning Scratchcard, and must provide any personal information requested by Promoter for the purpose of booking travel. 


9.          Claiming a Gift: All Gifts must be claimed from the Covoya Stand (CH-017) at the Event during Event opening hours. The person claiming the Gift must have completed the online form (accessible by scanning the QR code on the Scratchcard) and must hand over their Scratchcard to enable Promoter to validate the claim. Any person who fails to claim their Gift before the end of the Event will forfeit their right to receive the Gift. 


10.       Prize forfeiture and selection of alternative winner: Promoter reserves the right to disqualify the winner and select an alternative winner if the winner fails to claim the Prize (or fails to provide any information or documentation required by Promoter) by the claim deadline as stipulated in clause 8 of these Terms, or if Promoter has reason to believe that the winner does not meet the eligibility requirements or has otherwise breached any provision of these Terms. The alternative winner will be selected by means of a random draw from all eligible participants who completed the online form. The alternative winner must claim the Prize within 14 (fourteen) days of Promoter’s win notification.


11.       Travel bookings:  All travel bookings for the Prize will be arranged by Promoter or its appointed agent, who will contact the winner to make the necessary arrangements after verification of a valid claim. Flight tickets and any required hotel or event tickets, vouchers or other paperwork will be provided by post or email in good time prior to departure. The winner must present valid tickets on arrival at the airport. The winner will not be permitted to travel without valid tickets and the winner is solely responsible for the safekeeping of all documents.


12.       Taxes relating to the Prize/Gifts: Recipients are solely responsible for the reporting and payment of all applicable national, state or local taxes or social contributions on the Prize and Gifts or arising from the acceptance of the Prize or Gifts.


13.       Liability: Nothing in these Terms limits or excludes Promoter’s liability for: (a) death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Promoter or its agents or representatives; (b) fraud; (c) breach of consumer rights including the Consumer Rights Act 2015; or (d) any other matter in respect of which liability cannot be lawfully limited or excluded. Subject to this: 


(i)             Promoter will not be liable for any loss or damage any participant suffers as a result of their participation in the Promotion in circumstances where: (a) there has been no breach of a legal duty of care owed to the participant by Promoter; (b) the loss or damage was not caused by a breach of these Terms by Promoter or its agents or representatives; (c) it was not obvious that the participant would suffer such loss or damage and nothing the participant said to Promoter before they entered this Promotion meant that Promoter should have expected it to happen (so, in the law, the loss was “unforeseeable”); (d) the loss or damage was caused by an event or circumstance beyond Promoter’s reasonable control;


(ii)            Except to the extent caused by the negligence of Promoter or its agents or representatives, Promoter will not be liable for any loss, damage, personal injury or death suffered by the Prize winner as a result of taking up and using the Prize, including in the event of: (a) cancellations, delays, diversions or substitutions or any other act or omission whatsoever by the airports, air carriers, hotels or transportation providers; (b) air accidents or other transport-related incidents; (c) food poisoning or other illness, including exposure to viruses associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and other communicable diseases; (d) lost or delayed baggage; or (e) theft or loss of, or damage to, personal possessions; 


(iii)           Promoter will not be liable for any business losses any participant may suffer, including (without limitation) loss of profits or revenue, loss of sales or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, wasted expenditure or loss of goodwill.


References in this Section to “Promoter” include Promoter’s group companies, agencies and representatives (and each of their directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives).  


14.       No endorsement: The Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with any third party. By participating in the Promotion, participants are providing information to Promoter (or a Promotor affiliate) and not to any third party. All third-party trade marks and other intellectual property rights are hereby acknowledged.


15.       Cancellation and variation:Promoter reserves the right to vary, suspend or cancel the Promotion and/or these Terms if it considers it necessary or appropriate to do so, including if there is any actual or anticipated breach of applicable law or if variation, suspension or cancellation is necessary due to an event outside Promoter’s reasonable control. In the event of cancellation, the Prize may be awarded to a winner drawn from entries received prior to cancellation.


16.       Disqualification : Without limiting the options available to Promoter, Promoter reserves the right at any time to disqualify participants that Promoter regards as being in breach of these Terms, any applicable laws, any terms and conditions referred to in these Terms and/or the spirit of the Promotion. 


17.       Interference with the Promotion: Any attempt to damage or undermine the content or legitimate operation of the Promotion is prohibited and may also be a violation of criminal and/or civil laws. Promoter reserves all its rights and remedies to deal with breaches or suspected breaches of this Section including, without limitation, to exclude any participant or winner believed to be associated with such activity.


18.       Publicity: By entering the Promotion, each participant agrees that, in the event of a win, Promoter shall be entitled (but not obliged) to announce their name on Promoter’s websites and social media. The winner may also be asked (without further reward) to take part in reasonable publicity connected with the Promotion. 


19.       Disclosure of winner’s details: By entering the Promotion, each participant acknowledges that if they win the Prize their surname and county/country of residence may be disclosed to persons enquiring, where permitted by law. Any participant may object to their information being made available in this way, or may request that the amount of information made available be reduced, by contacting Promoter using the contact details at the end of these Terms. In these circumstances, the participant acknowledges that Promoter may nevertheless disclose the relevant information, and the participant’s entry, to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (and/or any other competent authority) if required to do so. By way of example, this may happen where Promoter is required to demonstrate that it has awarded the advertised Prize. To request disclosure of winner details, enquirers must submit a request to within one (1) month following the end of the Event. Details will only be disclosed (if permitted by law) after the Prize has been awarded. 


20.       Personal data: Participants acknowledge that any personal data processed in connection with the Promotion will be processed in accordance with Promoter’s Privacy Notice, which is available at [].  Details of the winner shall also be provided to the relevant carrier, transport, hotel and event providers to facilitate the travel bookings for the Prize. For more information about how these third parties will process personal data, please see their privacy notices which are available on their websites. 


21.       Accessing these Terms: Any website on which these Terms are posted is only intended to be accessed from the United Kingdom and where permitted by law. Promoter makes no representation that materials relating to the Promotion are appropriate or available for use at other locations. Access to them from territories where their contents are illegal is strictly prohibited. Void where prohibited.


22.       Severance and waiver: If any part of these Terms is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the rest of these Terms will not be affected. Promoter’s failure to enforce any term of these Terms will not constitute a waiver of that provision.


23.       Disputes: Subject to Section 24 below, if there is a dispute about the Promotion or these Terms, Promoter’s decisions are final. If there is a conflict between these Terms and any other document referred to in these Terms, these Terms take precedence to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.


24.       Law and jurisdiction: The Promotion and these Terms are governed by English law, and any disputes arising in connection with them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. 


25.       Contact: General enquiries about the Promotion can be sent to Promoter at: []. Postal correspondence must be sent to [Covoya Ltd. Unit 9, The Matchworks, 140 Speke Road, Liverpool, L19 2PH, UK].



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