Covoya combines the idea of collaboration, which is the cornerstone of our business, and voyage, which speaks not only to the story behind every cup of coffee but coffee journeys of every kind.

Coffee is a collaborative voyage.
Covoya is a shared journey.

As a team and with our partners we are on a journey of continuous learning, always moving towards change for the good. In fact, we seek out and welcome change, within our business and within the coffee industry.

Every voyage is new. Each customer is a voyage as we seek to understand how we can best serve their business and make their story a success story. That’s how we do specialty.

Your Story. Our Specialty.


Sincere connections are critical in coffee. At Covoya, availability is just as important as authenticity when it comes to relationships. Whenever and however you need to connect, Covoya is always ready to collaborate.


The team at Covoya brings a vast amount of experience to your coffee journey. We’ve been baristas and roasters, café managers and green coffee buyers as well as sellers. Covoya knows coffee and brings that understanding to our journey with you.


Covoya has many stories to share but more importantly we can help you tell your coffee story, from the volume and consistency you need for your bestselling blends, to the variety you want for your single origin offerings. It’s your story and our specialty.