Where can I learn about green coffee from Asia?

We aim to provide our roasters with ample resources for all our green coffee origins and offerings. Explore the rich coffee history of coffee origins in Asia and The Pacific Islands by reading our resources and blogs:

India Green Coffee Resources

  • India, Where Coffee Came of Age
    • If coffee was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Yemen, then it left home to make its own way in the world and "come of age" through India in the 17th Century...

Sumatra Green Coffee Resources

  • Sumatra, the Island of Gold No Less
    • Coffee seeds first arrived in Java from India in 1696, but it was a swing and a miss; the initial plantings were wiped out by flooding...

Sulawesi Green Coffee Resources


  • The History of Kona Coffee: A Happy Jaunt Through Hawaii
    • Attempts to plant coffee in the Hawaiian Islands began as early as 1813, but were met with little success. Before coffee could find any real footing, the more commercially viable sugar plantations were becoming dominant throughout the islands and would replace crops grown to supply whaling ships as the world moved to oil from the ground...

Laotian Green Coffee Resources

  • Laos, The Kingdom of a Million Elephants
    • The challenge for the region when it comes to specialty coffee is the unalterable fact of altitude...
  • Laos Coffee and the Lord of Naga
    • The story of Laos coffee starts in the southwest corner of Laos, where the Mekong river approaches the border with Cambodia as if approaching an ocean, fanning out into so many delta-like fingers that the region is called Si Phan Don, Four Thousand Islands...

Papua New Guinea Green Coffee Resources

  • The History of Papua New Guinea Coffee
    • In the highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG), morning fog fills the valleys and the mountain peaks float above in the sun, the highest reaching nearly 15,000 feet...